Noega Instalaciones y Mantenimientos S.L.U. was born in 2005 as a subsidiary company of ALDACO, S.L, therefore it is another company of net Asturian capital.


In it´s beginnings, it focused the activity in the services of metallic carpentry, locksmithing and assembly of automatic gates and fie doors.


Throughout this decade of activity, the company evolved in the business world, adapting to the new opportunities and building regulations. With the entry into force of the new edifications technical code two new business lines were opened; they are ventilation and the installation of chimneys for evacuation of fumes and gases, task were since 2009 NOEGA, S.L is mired in.


The law on building ordinances established basic requirements on safety and habitability in constructions, settling out various demands both in the project stage as in the constructions and posterior maintenance and conservation NOEGA, S.L adapted to nowadays constructive demands so as to guarantee that your company and your diverse edifications project parking, garage or industrial plant fulfils the regulations, is safe and habitable.


The experience and specialization of our team of professionals ensures you a quick service with success guarantee and able to adapt to the needs of your project always following the last trends on the matter and contributing to give a mechanic controlled ventilations (MCV) systems according to the regulation to the work you may be executing.


In our constant spirit of renewal and innovation we have developed an own product line of fire-resistant extracting ducts that is certified by the regulation UNE-EN 13501-4:2007 by AFITI LICOF Centro De Ensayos De Investigación Del Fuego, authorised by the ministry of industry, trade and tourism (E600-120  ho 500 single).